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" } ] } } How do I get the nested array of string as "qty" to the field/argument. A: Firstly, I'm not entirely sure you want to store your list of feature names in a field at all. I think you could just make them a property of your editable resource. The ListField node type has an ID property which you can use to access it from a field argument. If you don't want to make the properties editable, but rather want them to be editable as text fields, then you could use the ListField UI type. I'm assuming that doesn't mean you want any of the properties to be editable, because ListField has a built-in property "IsListProperty" which can take a value of either "True" or "False". To get your nested array of strings in a JSON argument to the field, you could do the following: argument JSON [{ "fieldName": "Mylistfield.ID", "fieldValue": ["Feature 1", "Feature 2", "Feature 3"] }] code {"Mylistfield": {"ID": "1", "Features": ["Feature 1", "Feature 2", "Feature 3"]}} If you are using version 1.11 of the composer command line tool, you can use the dump-config option -s to make the field argument a valid JSON document. Q: How to create a table with a condition in sqlite android I am trying to create a table using SQLite in Android using the following code: ContentValues values = new ContentValues(); values.put(DBHelper.KEY_CITY, city.getText().toString()); values.put(DBHelper.KEY_STATE, state.getText().toString()); values.put(DBHelper.KEY_AREA, area.getText().toString()); values.put(DBHelper.KEY_MID, mid.getText().toString()); values.put(DBHelper.KEY_DATE, date.getText().toString()); values.put(DBHelper.KEY_PLACE, place.getText().toString()); values.put(DBHelper

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